Heute mal auf Englisch..
The blog Witchwind gained a tremendous amount of views, I assume mostly on this post.
Penis in Vagina is always rape. A rather controversial statement. I guess a lot of traffic was caused by videos like this one

When men view our blogs in such large numbers, it’s a threat. They’re not just looking at it, they view it with the intent of harming radical feminists and women in general.

You are quite entitled to your opinion, but so am I.

It’s threatening: you know they’re after you, it only means you’ve hit men’s radar and you have no idea what they plan to do. Will they attempt to hack into my blog?

No, don’t worry. Nobody will hack your blog. No man could write something more offensive than what you did. You accuse me of raping my wife on a regular basis, and you feel threatened when I read this? Well, I guess the real threat was just that you hurt feminism badly. And it happened. The claim „PIV is rape“ is not really new, but it is claimed by a lot of feminist to be a long past aberration. Well, I see it is still there.
You may well decide that you dont want a penis (or a finger or a tounge or whatever) in you, but don’t call me a rapist for having sex with my wife the way we want to. I neither want to dominate her, nor to humiliate her, we want to have fun. We could have had our two kids without PIV, we decided to do it like all other mammals.

Receiving so many comments denying what I said one after the other reinforces my sense of isolation, of outlandishness, of being the only one who knows. It makes me doubt the reality of my perceptions, it makes me waver, it shakes my foundations for a bit. I start questioning what I said. If so many people assert this with such confidence and if it contrasts so starkly with my perceptions, how can my assumptions be real? The wavering doesn’t last for long thankfully, I regain my senses quite quickly, sometimes more so than others. Writing, talking about it to friends and receiving radfems comments helps a lot. It’s the only thing that ever helps actually.

Well, there seems to be some hope. You left your filter bubble for a day or two, sadly you were drawn back into it. However, it is your life. Do and belief whatever you like, just don’t exspect that all people agree.
I am writing for a world where all genders can live together in peace, I have no clue how to achieve this with your opinions. Probably best if I shot myself?
Blogging is a way to make ones opinion public. Freedom of speech and all that. It has the risk of people dissagreeing as well.

8 Gedanken zu „Witchwind..

  1. Hopeless case… she is no longer teachable, because she thinks she and her Radfems know everything and have to teach only. Her filter bubble could burst from everything new, so she bury her head in the sand. Comprehensible but stupid.

    Is she a lesbian or asexual?

  2. Uhm, why would anyone publish a public Blog if not for everyone to read it? If she wanted only specific people to read it, she could make it a closed group somewhere?
    Don’t get me wrong but this complete Blogpost by her seems to be a provocation, and nothing else. Trollbait at best.

  3. Muss man hier jetzt auf Englsich kommentieren… Ach nö
    Die Dame behauptet also das so ziemlich alle Menschen die Leben und gelebt haben durch eine Vergewaltigung entstanden sind… ja ne is klar.

    Nicht nur das sie damit alle Heterosexuellen Männer zu vergewaltigern macht, hat diese Person auch mal überlegt wie ihre aussagen auf echte Vergewaltigungsopfer wirken müssen?

  4. „I am writing for a world where all genders can live together in peace, I have no clue how to achieve this with your opinions. Probably best if I shot myself?“

    Nearly correct. Just switch the target a little and shoot her instead. MUCH better for the world 🙂

    • In an ideal world, every grown up person could decide how he or she wants to go through the world or solve the problems life throws at them. Making a decision for someone else (without their consent) is effectively stealing the freedom, their right of making their own decisions.
      Shooting oneself is tragic and in most cases probably extremely stupid. Shooting someone else, is making someone else’s decision in their place.

      With what you, Martin, just suggested, you moved yourself in a radical and dangerous corner even further out of what I believe is right than this weird woman expressing her in my opinion broken thoughts and emotions.
      For her I can feel a tiny bit of compassion, it must be rough to be so estranged to the world.
      For your suggestion? Contempt is the word that comes to my mind.

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