#learnfelinism #14: Solution

Großartige Reihe, großartiger Schluss!

#yesallcats We are victims of all dogs and humans

140 words*14. Last lesson. The is also problem solving. And its easy. First we teach the dogs, they are a primitive, moronic species and have to accept this. If they all ashamed about their poisoned nature and learn this, they have to fit a muzzle and leash when walking. So have less fear when we leave our homes for a while day or night. But some of us have still exaggerated fear. Because of we all cats are living, any of the dogs we meet on streets could be a napist. So next we remove dogs from all places where want to be. They have to stay home with their oppressors or should live in separated reservation. Last phase is to put away all humans and from all strategic places and live in feline paradise.

One last statement: Some humans are thinking they have…

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