Feminism good or bad

„According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, feminism is „the belief that men and women should have equal rights and opportunities.“ That’s it. That’s all it is.“
Ok, that is all good. I have nothing against that.
How is it though, that a lot of people, claiming to be feminist, want not equal rights, but instead special rights? Not equal opportunities, but special ones?

Let’s take our political parties in Germany. Equal right and opportunity would just mean that any person, no matter their gender are allowed to join and to run for an office. That has been the case for well.. almost one hundred years. The feminist claim was not equal rights and opportunity but equal representation. Even though just sbout 30% of the party members are female, as long as 50% of the offices are not been taken by females it is unjust. It is up to the (mostly male) members to find and persuade more women to join. Hm.
In Germany there is no right that a woman is lacking. There are some rights men are lacking. However, I don’t see feminists wanting to change that. Instead, they are all for „equal representation“ now. While I agree that society has its prejudices against genders, would it not be prudent, if a movement was indeed for equal rights, to get the basics, meaning the law equal for male and females before we start affirmative actions to force people into roles they may or may not want to take?
I agree, I am a man, and a lot of issues that women experience I will never truly understand. But how the hell dare feminist to belittle my experience?
Dear people who label yourself feminist, please take the webster definition, go to feminists blogs, and tell someone claiming „Penis In Vagina is always rape“ the she is not a feminist. Tell people, that put pictures of random guys on posters with the headline „potential rapist“ that they are not feminist. Tell the feminist that protested against the MRA Conference, that they are not feminists, as everybody should have the right to discuss their issues. Oust people from the feminist movement that violate the equal rights, equal opportunities claim and I will be a feminist. With all my heart.

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