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I re-learnt these days that feminism is all and only about equality.
Reading through #womanagainstfeminism I found this Blogpost
I commented there on friday:

I am having a rather hard time. Apparently the definition of feminism really differs a lot. If feminism was still just the dictionary definition, really just idiots would oppose it. However, over time it has changed a lot. Look at: http://time.com/3028827/women-against-feminism-gets-it-right/
I have and always will support human rights. If I was in India, in Pakistan, I sure hope I would be on the street demanding justice and female rights.
I don’t kow how and when it happened. But there are a lot of prominent western feminist that have abandoned the goal equality. I don’t see a lot of feminist trying to reclaim that goal. Instead of explaining the womenagainstfeminism what feminism really is about, maybe you explain it to some of the womens studies teachers. Maybe you know Femen. One of their pictures shows a woman holding up some cut up balls. A prominent feminist activist group 2014. I have yet to see some feminist critizing them. 😦

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I do not think that this was trolling, yet, as it happens quite often, different oppinions, criticisms are not published. Well ok, it is your blog, no need to give my opinions a plattform.
edit My comment is no longer waiting for moderation, it was denied.
edit editOnline now. seems it passed after all.
The Femen pic i was refering to:

More can be found at http://femen.org/

2 Gedanken zu „A comment awaiting moderation

  1. „If they cared even one lone curly pubic hair about equality, they wouldn’t openly pooh-pooh glaring statistical gender disparities in suicide, homelessness, education, prison sentencing, workplace deaths, custody disputes, spousal support, and longevity. They wouldn’t loudly deny the existence of false rape accusations and the currently unmentionable ubiquity of female violence toward men. They wouldn’t dub sexually aggressive women as „empowered“ while slamming men who merely make suggestive comments as rapists.

    They’ll bitch about a paucity of female physicists while overlooking a surfeit of female psychologists, nurses, social workers, and especially teachers. And you never seem to hear them complain that there aren’t nearly enough female coalminers, janitors, or sanitation workers.

    They’ll even disingenuously claim that this illusory „patriarchy“ harms men, too, which would make it a rather inept patriarchy, no? What’s the purpose of having a patriarchy in the first place if it doesn’t benefit men?“


    via Genderama

    Really!? What’s the purpose of having a patriarchy in the first place if it doesn’t benefit men, that even hurts men?

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