#oneweekdailyblogging #1 Working in the Gaming Industry is worthwhile!

Some evil minds challenged me to blog daily for an entire week.
So as I have a lot to do in the garden today, I will rip off something I wrote on Facebook a while ago:
I started playing OGame some time ago and started chatting with another player, strategies, what building next and the like. Turned out it was his first time ever to play OGame. When I told him that I had been playing OGame for some 11 years he told me that he was only 12. Up till then we were on absolute even grounds. A game can bridge an age difference of 30 years, doesn’t give anything about looks, age, gender, sexual orientation…

MMOs are still being laughed at. Working in games, outsiders often take a jibe at me, „why don’t you do something worthwhile?“
Sarkeesian whith her „games and gamers are sexists“, after every shooting you find someone that places he blame for it on some „Killergame“.
Those of you that play games: Have you ever been in a situation where your gender, looks, race mattered less than in an MMO?
Do you realize how special this is? How games bring people together from all around the globe? How this changes the way people think of other cultures?
Here I was, talking to some 8 year old kid. And I treated him as my equal. A fellow gamer, having a good time. In Quiz Up I had a girl from Afghanistan as opponent. Some 20 years ago, what would have been the chance of her and me interacting?
People usually think that the world is getting more violent, that there are way more wars and that the future is dark indeed.
I believe the opposite is true. The internet brings people together. I remember well how exited i was when I had my first penpal friend from the UK. Then one in Israel. For kids today? No big deal at all.
The amount of bridges that are being built here is.. really amazing. And games are a big part of it. Yes, we can indeed be proud of our work!

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