#oneweekdailyblogging #7 Brexit, what else?

A friend of mine described my feelings this morning perfectly:

Das war wie vor ein paar Jahren: Abends mit dem sicheren Gefühl einschlafen, dass John Kerry Präsident wird – um am nächsten Morgen mit George Bush aufzuwachen.

It feels like some years ago. Going to bed,

feeling quite certain that Kelly will become President.. and waking up with George Bush

Yes, i am sorry Britain is leaving. However, the more I think about it, the more i come to terms with it. Yes, it will be rough on politics and the economy for some time. But at last it is a decission. If the poll went the other way, we would have the same discussion again in a few months.
So.. now we have a clean cut. Lets see, how we deal with that. My guess: The UK will get a similar deal like Norway. Pretty much the same it has right now, but this time with no vote where it’s money is spent. Europe will be pretty hard, so to discourage other countries from taking an example.
It might e a chance. many neccessary steps in the EU were not taken for fear of alienating the UK. Now we can move along with the neccessary political integration.


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