Education, Emasculation and Equality: A letter to Yvette Cooper

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Karen Woodall

Dear Yvette,

It was with a heavy heart that I read your article in the Independent this week. Writing about abuse in schools, you headline your piece ‚why we must educate our sons to save our daughters‚ and continue it with the most flagrant disregard for the truth that I think I have recently encountered.

You write of the hurling of insults and the way in which teachers are concerned for the well being of girls and you use as your evidence this –

According to the Children’s Commissioner there is clear evidence that violence in young relationships is growing. The British Crime Survey shows girls aged between 16-19, are most at risk of domestic violence – over 10 per cent had been experienced violence or abuse in a relationship.

Examining the evidence that you seek to rely on to convince us of this, however, it is clear…

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