Milo über Randi Harper

“Set yourself on fire.”

“You’ve made your bed, now get fucked in it.”

“Fuck your feelings.”

To most, these will sound like the words of an online troll, or at the very least someone with what in the 1990s we used to call “anger management issues.” And that’s probably an accurate assessment.

Yet these are not occasional, one-off outbursts, but rather part of a pattern of behaviour from perhaps the most darkly fascinating person currently causing grief on social media. They are the words of Randi Harper, an activist who runs a charity set up to prevent online abuse. Yes, you read that correctly.

Milo Yiannopoulos über Randi Harper
Parallelen zu unseren Schramms sind zufällig und haben nichts mit irgendwelchen Ideologien zu tun…

Rassismus, Sexismus und Macht

#IsupportSaida because reverse racism isn’t real and this institution is built on white privileged patriarchy that needs to be called out
Früher, als ich noch feministisch unbedarft war, da dachte ich ja noch, Rassismus wäre die Diskriminierung aufgrund der Hautfarbe und Sexismus aufgrund des Geschlechtes.

America’s Modern Day Civil War – Freedoms Versus Feelings

Ursprünglich veröffentlicht auf Feels and Reals:


In the United States, the First Amendment of the Constitution prohibits the infringement of certain rights, like practicing one’s chosen religion and speaking openly and freely. It is the definitive promise to citizens of the country not to hinder their right to be themselves. Yet if some were to have their way, the First Amendment would be modified to assert that one person’s right to free speech ends where another’s feelings begin.

Many modern western “progressives” feel that there are only two types of speech: that which is politically correct and that which is hate speech, middle ground be damned. Honest criticism of a particular religion or movement is immediately deemed to be hateful, with the critic branded any of a number of “-ists” or “-phobes.” The voicing of a particular opinion that the moral watchdog brigade view as potentially insensitive grants the speaker that same branding.

Seems crazy, right?…

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