Warum mir manchmal #nichtegal ist, wer etwas sagt

Erst hatten wir #nohatespeech, nun haben wir #nichtegal. Eigentlich strebe ich sehr danach, darauf zu achten, was gesagt wird, unabhängig davon, wer etwas sagt.
Und eigentlich ist mir auch egal, was Weiterlesen

#teamginalisa ich bin wütend!

Ich habe ja ne ganze Weile mich nichts mehr zu Geschlechterthemen geschrieben, bevor mir also mein Patriachatsausweis oder noch schlimmer, meine Privilegien gestrichen werden…
Vorab meine Standpunkte: Weiterlesen

#oneweekdailyblogging #5

Evil publishers
Most of you know that I am working for a computer game company. A company that even focusses on the „evil“ free to play business model. The model has a bad reputation. In the early days I saw a description „Free to play. You may start for free, starting to play might even be incentiviced. But to progress you will have to pay. A business model also very popular by some Columbian businessmen.“ I have just recently read in my twitter timeline that f2p models ruined some games totally.
Let me tell you a different story: The f2p business model did not ruin but in fact it saved a lot of games from certain death. Neither Aion nor Tera would still be around in the west if they were still subscription based. Same holds true for most of the f2p games. I don’t know what some players really think of the gaming industry. Do you really think we would ruin games on purpose? Do you have any idea what the production of a game costs? How much one has to spend on advertising to get a player to install a game? How many games that were developped were never published? How many published games fail?
I have been working for Gameforge for 10 years now. All the money it earned went straight to new games. When you start developping a new game, you always place a bet. Yes, with a lot of luck you get a blockbuster like LoL. I don’t know how many „WoW Killers“ I have seen and then see them fail. It is really a hard business. Maintaining a solid playerbase for more than a few months is really something that is not easily done. Some decissions a publisher makes might seem stupid, but any publisher that has more than one game running for more than a few months.. give them some credit. It is not as easy as it looks. If you are a gamer and you get a chance to visit a publisher.. you will be surprised to find.. well a lot of other gamers. If you visit Karlsruhe sometime.. drop by for a coffee!

#oneweekdailyblogging #4 My thoughts on the potential Brexit

Ah.. some politics. The Brexit vote.
This picture says most of what I think of it:

Seriously Britain. In or Out. Decide. I am a bit tired of the „we are in, but only for the good parts“. You may live in your ancient delusions of grandeur, or you may join a united strong Europe. You may think differently, but the EU has always been more than a free trade area. I am a bit fed up with you always demanding special dispensation. You want out? Definatly a loss for Europe. But someties a breakup is better than a relation one party never really wanted. Don’t exspect any alimony from Europe though.
You want to stay? Great. But think about getting rid of all the special treatment as well.

#oneweekdailyblogging #3

Busy day, I almost forgot. So.. my failsafe Anita Sarkeesian 😉
Finally, Anita achieved someting:
Will that really help? Is playing with a Gamedev styled Barbie doll something that puts young Girls really on a dev trajectory? I don’t think so. But there are othe society based excuses, like not enough female only heroes in games
A well. I try to show my girls what is possible. They do play with dolls, but they also like tools and know how to hold a soldering iron. Playing with dolls won’t let them dream to become engineers, but Lego might (and get me an excuse to purchase Lego mindstorms, just for them, you know?“

#oneweekdailyblogging #2

hum. day 2 and already I am out of ideas. A „how to not do your hair“ from my perspective seems absurd..
How about this: Responsibility and Accountability.. or American and German language
As you know I work in a quite international company. We have people of around 20 different nationalities, the language that unites us is English. It is rather easy to communicate in English. However, every now and then one hits some missunderstanding.
Responsible and accountable.. Most Germans would translate it with „verantwortlich“. For our US guys there is a substantial difference.
I dont know if it is just a language thing or if it extends to a cultural thing as well. Maybe most Germans think that they are responsible for everything they are accountable for? Maybe some explanation that some tend to micromanage a lot?

#oneweekdailyblogging #1 Working in the Gaming Industry is worthwhile!

Some evil minds challenged me to blog daily for an entire week.
So as I have a lot to do in the garden today, I will rip off something I wrote on Facebook a while ago:
I started playing OGame some time ago and started chatting with another player, strategies, what building next and the like. Turned out it was his first time ever to play OGame. When I told him that I had been playing OGame for some 11 years he told me that he was only 12. Up till then we were on absolute even grounds. A game can bridge an age difference of 30 years, doesn’t give anything about looks, age, gender, sexual orientation…

MMOs are still being laughed at. Working in games, outsiders often take a jibe at me, „why don’t you do something worthwhile?“
Sarkeesian whith her „games and gamers are sexists“, after every shooting you find someone that places he blame for it on some „Killergame“.
Those of you that play games: Have you ever been in a situation where your gender, looks, race mattered less than in an MMO?
Do you realize how special this is? How games bring people together from all around the globe? How this changes the way people think of other cultures?
Here I was, talking to some 8 year old kid. And I treated him as my equal. A fellow gamer, having a good time. In Quiz Up I had a girl from Afghanistan as opponent. Some 20 years ago, what would have been the chance of her and me interacting?
People usually think that the world is getting more violent, that there are way more wars and that the future is dark indeed.
I believe the opposite is true. The internet brings people together. I remember well how exited i was when I had my first penpal friend from the UK. Then one in Israel. For kids today? No big deal at all.
The amount of bridges that are being built here is.. really amazing. And games are a big part of it. Yes, we can indeed be proud of our work!

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Gleiche Rechte

In der Süddeutschen zur ersten Frau General der Bundeswehr:

Die Kollegen, nicht nur aus den unteren Rängen, beargwöhnten diese Frau, die plötzlich 550 Ärzten und Apothekern vorstand, die nun das Sagen hatte in der sonst so maskulinen Bundeswehr. Als “Sanitätstante” taten manche von Weymarn ab. Generalärztin zu werden, war in den 90er Jahren eine der wenigen Möglichkeiten für Frauen den Männern zu trotzen. Denn den Lauf einer Waffe durften Frauen damals noch nicht durchdrücken. Die Kampftruppen blieben ihnen verwehrt, allein zur Selbstverteidigung war Schießen erlaubt. Erst 2001 änderte sich das, ein Urteil des Europäischen Gerichtshofes hob die bisherige Regelung auf. Seitdem haben Frauen in der Bundeswehr die gleichen Rechte wie Männer, zumindest auf dem Papier.

Gleiche Rechte, das heißt doch, dass beide Seiten die gleichen Rechte haben, oder? Hm. Weiterlesen