Let me clarify #womenagainstfeminism


The person who started the movement has received so many threats from feminists that she is genuinely afraid for herself and her family.

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Certain media outlets are crediting me with starting the #womenagainstfeminism hashtag, Facebook and Tumblr pages, and I want to make it unequivocally clear to my readers that IT’S NOT TRUE.

I did NOT start the hashtag, I do not own the FB or Tumblr. I AM the most influential tweeter on the hashtag according to Twitter analytics, but I am not the author or genesis of #womenagainstfeminism.

The person who started the movement has received so many threats from feminists that she is genuinely afraid for herself and her family. She will not be identifying herself publicly anytime soon. We have been in contact with one another and she is not concerned about me being misidentified as the creator of #womenagainstfeminism.

I have agreed that I will passively accept credit and not offer any correction to the claim that I started #womenagainstfeminism, but if asked directly, I will tell the…

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Die Religion Feminismus

Ich sehe immer mehr Parallelen zwischen Anhängern des Feminismus und Anhängern von Religionen. Der einzige Unterschied: Bei einem hat sich in unserer Gesellschaft die Glaubensfreiheit durchgesetzt.
Nun gibt es einige Ketzer. Frauen gar, die behaupten, sie glauben einfach nicht an den Feminismus. Sowohl die Theologen als auch die Gläubigen versammeln sich gerade und starten die Inquisition.
Es gab auch eine Zeit, in der die Kirche behaupten konnte, was sie wollte. Die Erde ist eine Scheibe. Die Argumentation nun ist “das Christentum sagt, du sollst nicht töten, wie kann die Erde da rund sein??” Weiterlesen

Chuck Your Privilege

I like this article on privileges.

Privilege, we’re told, comes in many flavours, all of them bad. White privilege. Male privilege. Heterosexual privilege. Cisgendered privilege. Ablebodied privilege. First World Privilege. Etc. We’re supposed to check our privilege frequently, or—even better—unpack it from the invisible knapsack we carry it around in – See more at: http://www.skepticink.com/lateraltruth/2013/03/08/chuck-your-privilege/#sthash.W2vvNtWb.iG8wEJEZ.dpuf

Chuck Your Privilege.

Feminism good or bad

“According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, feminism is “the belief that men and women should have equal rights and opportunities.” That’s it. That’s all it is.”
Ok, that is all good. I have nothing against that.
How is it though, that a lot of people, claiming to be feminist, want not equal rights, but instead special rights? Not equal opportunities, but special ones? Weiterlesen

Trolling vs Discussing

For a bit now I had a discussion on twitter with some MyFeminism Feminist. I think we were pretty close together when it came to equality. She claimed that she was working hard to promote her kind of feminism. I wished her success. And of course, for her, feminism is a good thing. Weiterlesen

that post about harassment in the gaming industry…

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For a long time i have tried to keep the gender discussion out of my blog, as this is a very sensitive subject, and people tend to be very strongly opinionated in either direction – so maybe to avoid some of the stuff that i’m mentioning here as well, and i didn’t want people to feel negatively about other stuff i’m writing here simply because they disagree with this subject. But I’ve commenting on other blogs, forums and commenting systems on this subject before.

In the last two days I’ve seen this article about harassment in the gaming industry linked a lot. The original Post does not allow comments (on purpose) which i personally feel is a bad thing todo when you want to discuss a subject. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying “everyone should be able to flame away” (the comments on my blog are moderated as well)…

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Immer mal wieder wird einem bei Feminismuskritik erwidert: jaja, Radikalfeminismus ist total doof, das ist ja auch nicht, was Feminismus eigentlich ist. Feminismus steht für Gleichberechtigung, wenn du gegen Feminismus bist, dann willst du den Frauen das Wahlrecht aberkennen und Vergewaltigung legalisieren.