But, Is It An Issue For Feminism? Volume I: Video Games Edition


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Chapter I. Introduction

In the interest of transparency, I have been a long time critic of feminism, and a forever time non-feminist. I became active with Women Against Feminism, through submissions as well as contributing to the hashtag, fairly early on. The primary response I received, as a critical non-feminist, was “Don’t you even know what the dictionary definition of feminism is?” Clearly, if anyone, much less a woman, rejects an organized “equality movement,” the only possible explanation is that she is a raging imbecile. Because, as we have all learned, feminism holds a monopoly on equality. Step aside, you everyone loving Egalitarians, let’s focus on the women first.


Since people do so very much love to alter the meanings of words when it suits their needs, I am providing you with the official dictionary definition of feminism before proceeding further.


The advocacy of women’s rights on the…

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William Collins (mra-uk): The Global Gender Gap Report

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Another outstanding piece from William Collins. We’re about to add a RSS feed onto the front page of this website, so his last 10 blog pieces will be visible. In common with Herbert Purdy, all his pieces are very well worth reading. Why not leave a comment after his article, to show your appreciation?

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